Breast milk jewelry Breast milk jewelry

Breast milk jewelry

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Celebrate life

Celebrate life

Jewelry with a special meaning: a personalized piece of jewelry, handmade just the way you want it. Your loved ones and the most beautiful moments of your life always close to you in the form of a piece of jewelry. Think of jewelry with an engraving, gold ingot, a Mother's Day gift, birth jewelry, jewelry with flowers (such as a wedding bouquet) and jewelry made with DNA such as a lock of hair, breast milk or ashes of a loved one. A beautiful piece of jewelry with 1 purpose: to celebrate love for yourself, family and friends.

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It's been a few months since I received my jewelry. For my daughter's first birthday I ordered a gold charm with breast milk. Consulted with Galiena exactly how I wanted it, and I can only say that the end result is perfect!
But in addition to the result, I also think that the process went very well and that the contact with Galiena is very pleasant. I can really recommend her work to everyone, and if I want to design another piece of jewelry, I will definitely contact Galiena!

I absolutely love the gold ring I ordered. This breast milk ring is beautiful and fits just perfectly. I am now considering ordering a Pandora charm! I also think the quality of the ring is very good, especially for the price I paid. Thanks again for such a beautiful mama's milk ring!! It is something I will always cherish.

I received my DNA jewelry today and I could cry. They are very beautiful and mean SO much to me. Thank you. Also for answering my many questions. I will recommend you 100%!!!

Linda van Goesen
Joanna Leeuwen