Color guide

Color guide

Colors and additions

Color guide Memorial jewelry

You can personalize your Milk Gems Memorial/ DNA jewelry (eg. jewelry containing breastmilk, cremains or ashes) by adding a lock of hair, real pearl powder, colors or gold leaf. Keep scrollint to see examples. Keep in mind that your inclusions such as breastmilk, a lock of hair or ashes is unique and will never look the same as someone else's.

What looks bright and colorful in someone else's jewelry  may look very different in your jewelry. This is especially true for cremains jewelry, where color differences can vary significantly. I will always strive to create the perfect balance between shades, shimmer parts and effects in your Milk Gems jewelry. Having trouble choosing add-ons? See my recommendations at the bottom of the page.

Opal and opal effect

White opal has been added to the white gold earring. Opal provides a warm shimmer of different colors. Scroll down to see an example of opal effect.


Opal and opal effect

An opal effect has been created in the yellow gold earrings by adding small reflective sheets / pieces that give a pink and yellow glow. The glow and color are a lot more limited and coarser than with real opal.

Personalization of ashes jewelry - memorial jewelry

Color addition

Adding color to ashes gives an extra dimension to your jewellery. It does not mask the ash, but it is less noticeable that it is an cremains jewellery.

Without color

No color has been added to these earrings. This allows you to see the ashes in their natural state.

Addition stones

For memorial jewelry or jewelry containing ashes, depending on the jewelry and your wishes, I also add colored stones. This gives a special effect and completes the piece of jewelry. Green stones have been added to this pendant to create a nice contrast.

Add shimmering color

Sometimes a little shimmer in combination with color and/or stone memorial jewelry gives a different dimension. Cremains jewelry does not have to be grey or black. Feel free to choose a different color.

Symbolism: birthstones and colored stones

Birthstones by month: You can choose between cubic zirconia stones or swarovski stones or real gemstones for a small extra charge. For May, June, July and September synthetic gemstones are used instead of real gemstones unless you updrade these. Get in touch if you have one want to upgrade synthetic gem.

Gold leaf and silver leaf

Engraving and stamping letters

I can hand engrave or add a stamp letter to jewelry. A punch letter is processed on a heart or round coin and added to your Milk Gems pendant. It hangs separately next to your pendant or charm. Engraving is done in the metal part of a Milk Gems piece of jewelry. Engraving is not possible with every piece of jewelry. Finally, with some jewelry you can also add a text or letter in the jewelry itself. This is indicated on the jewelry page where this is possible.

Breastmilk recommendations

  • Pearl powder, possibly in combination with a light tint and shimmer part (pink, blue).
  • All shades, shimmer parts, opal and opal effect match breastmilk
  • Gold leaf in a gold or rose gold piece of jewelry. Silver leaf in a silver jewel.


Recommendations for Cremains jewelry


For light tinted ashes:

  • Pearl powder, possibly in combination with a light pink tint or a light blue tint.
  • Tint and shimmer parts: light pink, light blue or black.
  • Gold leaf in a gold or rose gold piece of jewelry. Silver leaf in a silver jewel.

For dark tinted ashes:

  • Tint and shimmer parts: blue, green, purple or black.
  • Pearl powder when you have chosen a silver piece of jewelry.
  • Gold leaf in a gold or rose gold piece of jewelry. Silver leaf in a silver jewel.

Hair Jewelry Recommendations


For light hair (white, blond or red) and medium hair (light to medium brown):

  • Pearl powder, possibly in combination with light shades and shimmer parts.
  • All light shades and shimmer parts. If the hair is white blonde or white gray, I recommend choosing either Pearl powder with gold leaf or a tint and shimmer part.

For dark hair (dark brown to black):

  • All options suit this shade of hair.