Celebrate life engraving - ashes charm

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Asresten zichtbaar - ashes visible
As verborgen - hidden ashes

The Celebrate life is made with cremains and has a special message engraved in the edge!


  • This beautiful bead is finished with a (own) text such as a message, name or date. A beautiful charm that fits most bead system bracelets and necklaces such as Trollbeads, Pandora, Biagi or Chamilia bracelets etc. The bead has a pinned core over the entire length. The core/core cannot let go. This charm comes without a bracelet. Each piece of jewelry is handmade, personalized and packed with love.
  • Material: sterling silver or 14k gold

    Charm size: 13 mm with a hole of 5 to 5 mm wide

    Addition: personalize your charm with an addition. Choose a color or add pieces of gemstones for a beautiful effect.

  • Your jewelry is handmade with love. As a result, it takes a while before your jewelry is made.

    Production time: 6-8 weeks after receiving breastmilk or ashes. In the case of urgent delivery, this is 4 weeks after receipt of breast milk or ashes.

    Shipping: The Netherlands: 1-3 business days, Europe: 4-6 business days and shipping to Rest of the World: 7-25 business days. Shipping Express service: 2-4 business days

    *If you order multiple pieces of jewelry, the longest delivery time applies.



Unique and personal

Unique and personal

Each ash jewel looks slightly different due to the color of the ashes. Consult the color guide with examples of the possibilities such as a piece of jewelery with mother-of-pearl, lock of hair or colour.

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High quality, ethical and handmade

High quality, ethical and handmade

All jewelry is made in an environmentally friendly way. I only use good quality materials that are ethically sourced.

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