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I had already bought a ring from Milk Gems to conclude the breastfeeding period of our 3rd miracle, but I also ordered this ring. I have kept breast milk from my 1st 2 kids in the freezer. I have incorporated this into this ring. This is how I have a piece of jewelry with memory from all our 3 kids. I wear the ring(s) with pride :)

Wow! The quality of the ring is just wonderful. The size, color and workmanship in creating this item has exceeded my expectations. I ordered this as a gift for my partner, who lost her beloved pet cat some time ago. Galiena's communication with me throughout was outstanding and the care, help and support she gave me was wonderful. Suffice to say that when we received the ring, my partner not only loved it, she was overwhelmed. It's a lovely piece
of jewellery, but also a beautiful reminder of our pet cat. We also loved the message we received along with it, again showing the love and care that she puts into her work and a true representation of her caring, supportive customer service when dealing with a subject that holds sadness and loss at its heart but provides a beautiful way to remember our beloved Alfie. Thank you!

It's been a few months since I received my jewelry. For my daughter's first birthday I ordered a gold charm. Consulted with Galiena exactly how I wanted it, and I can only say that the end result is perfect! But in addition to the result, I also think that the process went very well and that the contact with Galiena is very pleasant. I can really recommend her work to everyone, and if I want to design another piece of jewelry, I will definitely contact Galiena!

I sent milk which has been in my freezer for 3 years. When I put it in the freezer I had already stopped breastfeeding and my milk wasn't great quality (very little fat). I was very concerned about whether the color would stay nice. In the end there was no reason to worry. Also the lighter color of my breast milk is beautifully beautiful in gold ring. She has subtly added some shine and that gives a nice effect. People
can't believe my ring is made from my milk. With the antique look that the ring has, everyone thinks it is a family heirloom. The ring has a lot of details, she really designed what I had in mind. Thanks Milkgems!

I received my necklace today. I'm glad I chose rose gold. It's pretty impressive! Now I can have my mother's ashes next to my heart. I am impressed with the finish and quality and the service is also excellent!

Sarah B
W. Kalumenos
Esther Gijssens
Marie van Langen