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Your breastmilk forms an attractive contrast to this medallion.


  • The colors of this pendant and your breastmilk form a nice contrast with this beautiful stainless steel medallion. In this pendant you can carry your breastmilk close to your heart. This medallion has a shiny finish and clean lines so that all the focus goes to your breast milk. Your breastmilk is processed into a heart. This pendant comes without a necklace/necklace. Each piece of jewelry is handmade, personalized and packed with love.
  • Material: stainless steel

    Format heart: 18mm

    Format medallion: heart 30m, drop 35x 25mm and around 30mm

  • Your jewelry is handmade with love after your breast milk has been preserved. As a result, it takes a while before your jewelry is made.

    Production time: 9-12 weeks after receiving breast milk or ashes. In the case of urgent delivery, this is 4 days after receipt of breast milk or ashes.

    Shipping: The Netherlands: 1-3 business days, Europe: 4-6 business days and shipping to Rest of the World: 7-25 business days. Shipping Express service: 2-4 business days

    *If you order multiple pieces of jewelry, the longest delivery time applies.



Unique and personal

Unique and personal

Each ash jewel and each mother's milk jewel looks slightly different due to the color of the ashes or the breast milk. As a result, your piece of jewelery is not identical to these examples. After your order I will send you a bottle to send your breast milk to me. In the case of ashes you will receive an email with instructions on how to send the ashes to me.

You can personalize your Milk Gems by adding a lock of hair, mother of pearl, real opal, color or gold leaf. I have put a color guide online with a number of examples of the possibilities such as a piece of jewelery with mother-of-pearl, lock of hair or color.

Color guide
High quality and ethical

High quality and ethical

All jewelry is made in an environmentally friendly way. I only use good quality materials that are ethically sourced.



Whether you buy a personalized piece of jewelry for yourself or for someone else, your piece of jewelry is made with love and sent to you. Are you looking for an unforgettable keepsake jewelry, a Valentine's gift, a Christmas gift, a personalized piece of jewelry, Milk Gems has personalized bracelets, rings, necklaces and accessories that are perfect for every occasion for men and women.