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Start a design request. These costs are deducted when the jewelry is ordered

  • Nice! Exciting! You want me to design something for you. Because I regularly get questions about how this works, I've listed it all. Now the question is of course, what do I need to make a design for you? Your wishes, ideas and possibly a story why you want to have a piece of jewelry made or which symbol you would like to have incorporated into it or a complete design that you already had in mind .

    Process : After I have received your order and wishes, I will get to work for you. When I have a design or proposal ready (this is usually after 2 weeks), I will send you the sketch including a price quote. Does this match your dream jewel? Nice! Confirm this by email. I will then create a private page with your order where you can pay, after which I will start making your piece of jewelry. The final price depends on your wishes and material costs.

    Design restrictions: Take a look at my online store so you can get an idea of ​​which shapes or styles appeal to you. Please note that I can only design silver or gold jewelry. It is therefore not possible to use filled gold. For all designs, I have to put the breast milk, lock of hair or ashes in a container. In other words. if you look in my shop, you will see that I don't have flat jewelry. All jewelry is convex or has a container in which I can process breast milk, hair or ashes.

  • Costs: Cost is, of course, important. I cannot say exactly how much it will cost with your application. To know exactly what your jewelry will cost, I first have to make a design based on your wishes. For example, the price depends on the size, weight, complexity and materials used (metal, precious stones such as ruby ​​or diamond).

    Cost indication: silver from €245, 14 carat gold €585, 18 carat gold €845. Remelting and using old gold or heirlooms is possible from as little as €695 (for 14 carat gold).

  • Having a piece of jewelery made is of course not the same as ordering something from my webshop. The Additional Terms and Conditions below therefore apply in addition to the General Terms and Conditions. By requesting your own design, you agree to the Additional Terms.

    - Design costs of €36 apply to the design of a piece of jewelry. These costs are deducted when the piece of jewelry is ordered.

    - Once the design process has been completed and you have agreed to the design, which means that the piece of jewelery has been ordered, then unfortunately I cannot cancel it and I must charge the full cost of the quotation.

    - Discount promotions cannot be settled or used when designing a piece of jewelry.

    - If you do not want another customer to be able to order/design the same piece of jewellery, I will ask for exclusivity costs of € 499. I will then not make another copy of your jewelry. If I find the design suitable for other customers, you do not have exclusivity, then I can offer it in my webshop, online and to other (potential) customers.

    - In addition to the above costs, the costs for making the jewelry and any shipping costs are added. You will receive these costs in the quotation.

Customer Reviews

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Unique and personal

Unique and personal

Each ash jewel and each mother's milk jewel looks slightly different due to the color of the ashes or the breast milk. As a result, your piece of jewelery is not identical to these examples. After your order I will send you a bottle to send your breast milk to me. In the case of ashes you will receive an email with instructions on how to send the ashes to me.

You can personalize your Milk Gems by adding a lock of hair, mother of pearl, real opal, color or gold leaf. I have put a color guide online with a number of examples of the possibilities such as a piece of jewelery with mother-of-pearl, lock of hair or color.

Color guide
High quality and ethical

High quality and ethical

All jewelry is made in an environmentally friendly way. I only use good quality materials that are ethically sourced.



Whether you buy a personalized piece of jewelry for yourself or for someone else, your piece of jewelry is made with love and sent to you. Are you looking for an unforgettable keepsake jewelry, a Valentine's gift, a Christmas gift, a personalized piece of jewelry, Milk Gems has personalized bracelets, rings, necklaces and accessories that are perfect for every occasion for men and women.